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most wierd homeschooling programs

What Are Some of the Most Fun Homeschooling Programs?

One of the best things about homeschooling is that it is so adaptable.  Each child has his or her own personality and will find different things cool and fun.  This may seem like it would make …

the fun within home school your kids

Many people ask me: What’s the best part of homeschooling?

There are many times during a typical week when I am asked: How do you do it? Or Why do you do it? Even, What is the worst part of homeschooling? I am not …

good mathematics homeschool program

How to Find the Best Math Homeschooling Programs?

When you were in school- elementary school in particular, did you dread math class? I did.  I hated the droning recitation of times tables and facts.  Getting a hundred problems in a set for homework could …

homeschool middle school kids

Why should Families Consider Homeschooling Programs For Middle School

What makes middle school so important for the homeschooling family? Middle school can be a rough time for kids.  So much is changing.  Often their emotional intelligence and intellect are at different levels, they are beginning to develop critical …

homeschool issues

Homeschool Problems and Pitfalls, What To Do When They Happen

No matter which road you take when raising your kids there are bound to be some speed bumps and detours along the way.  Going along with the road analogy, you may get lost or end up in an entirely different place than you had …

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answered frequently questions about homeschooling

Homeschooling Most Frequently Asked Questions

With anything that is not the statistical norm, there are inevitably a lot of questions that people have.  Much like families who have twins get the same questions over and over, home school families are often subjected to repeated …

New To Homeschooling?

your first steps to homeschooling - here we go

Feeling Lost About Starting To Homeschooling? Well, Stop – Here We Go!

Congratulations on beginning this new part of your life’s journey.  I hope that it will fulfill you and your children in wonderful ways.  I hope you find immense joy …